Our Story

We have a Siberian Husky and four cats running around the house. The Husky sleeps all over the house. We have a few litter boxes around the house. We got tired of smelling the odor from their litter boxes and from the places they lay down and sleep.

We came up with idea to create a spray to control the odor of the litter box and places that we had pet odor.

You would think that such a thing would be simple to do.

We started our research into what products would be safe to use around pets. This alone took over 6 months of consultation with numerous veterinarians to insure we didn't use anything that could potentially harm our 4-legged friends. We also did research online and in libraries.

Then we had to find the right ingredients and started testing combinations. That alone took about 3 months. Finally, we had a spray that would control pet odor.

We sprayed the litter and places that we had pet odor. We were spraying the litter boxes one day and realized how annoying it was to have to manually spray the litter boxes. We decided to find a way to automate the process.

Finding a box to put the litter box in was as easy as looking online. But the quality was not what we were looking for. So, we designed the box out real wood. Yes, it cost more but the box will last longer.

Then ran into another issue of how to protect the wood. We found that Shellac and Water Based Stain would not harm the cats. We took another step and will not stain the inside of the box to make sure do no harm will come to the cats.

The next step was to make a sprayer. Finding the pump, motion sensor and other pieces was the easy part. Then we had to have someone make the controller and write the software.

That is how Kitty’s Privy was born and now is in my home and others controlling litter box odor.

We had a friend see the Kitty’s Privy. She told us she was tired of bathroom odors at her home and office. She asks if we could build them for the bathroom and she would pay us. We hardly turn down a challenge.

So, we built a housing and changed the software and the Throne Refresher was born.

I am glad that the Throne Refresher was born and my family is too. You see I have Crohn’s and now there is less bathroom odor in the house.

That is our story and we are sticking to it.