Critter Dreaming

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Fresh Pet Spray - Critter Dreaming - Pet Odor Control Spray

Tired of stinky pet odors in your breathing space? Tired of being embarrassed when people visit? Read on, and you'll be very glad you learned about Pet Fresh

Spray Fresh Pet Spray anywhere pet odors are an issue ... carpets, bedding, litter boxes, curtains or crates.

Critter Dreaming has a relaxing blend of Lavender Essential Oil, Vetiver Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil and Cedarwood Essential Oil.

Improve your home’s air quality with natural ingredients that are not harmful to you or your furry friends without unforgiving chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Fresh Pet Spray uses only pet safe essential oils and ingredients for neutralizing pet odors. By using pet friendly ingredients, we combat the stink without causing any harm to your precious pets.

How To Use
• Shake Well
• Liberally apply to your cats Litter Box 2-3 times a day or after your cats leaves a really nasty deposit.
• Liberally apply to where your pet sleeps or lays 2-3 times a day.

• Non-toxic to people and pets
• Completely safe yet extremely effective
• For use in the home, veterinary clinic, or kennel
• Completely neutralizes odors with our exclusive Pet Fresh formula
• Enthusiastically recommended by pet owners, veterinarians, and groomers